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    El hotel Met de Tesalonica, Grecia, se distingue por sus lineas modernas de vanguardia.
    Sus espacios interiores bien estudiados y disenados con gusto contemporanea contribuyen a crear un clima de amplitud y espacialidad unicos.

    Con toda la tecnologia al servicio del diseno interior y  su mobiliario adaptado a los nuevos tiempos pero sin perder la funcionalidad de siempre, se logran potenciar estos espacios para el disfrute y el placer.

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    El arquitecto espanol Campo Baeza se luce en la Casa Olnick Spanu.
    Su gusto y buen manejo por los espacios limitados por planos y transparencias llegan a la expresion mas acabada en esta vivienda.

    Las trasparencias de los espacios publicos integran la vivienda de manera unica al paisaje y la espacialidad esta garantizada por el juego de areas delimitadas por planos verticales blancos y los horizontales que acompanan al paisaje.

    Una base solida de hormigon constituye la planta baja y es la planta alta la mas desmaterializada.

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It is all about craftsmanship


    One of our clients contacted us with a rather unusual question. A few years ago he had bought a beautiful 19th century gothic styled architectural element for its beauty and the craftsmanship this piece radiated.

    So this client asked my company LEFEVRE INTERIORS not only to restore this damaged wooden element but even to design a bookcase in which this element could be integrated! Not that simple!

    First of all we had to restore the damaged woodcarving of the existing element and second we had to find the suitable gothic design details in order to start the design of the bookcase. I browsed into all the books I could possibly find about gothic ornaments and here is what we made of it.

    Finally our client was most pleased with the result!



    This is the bookcase brought in at our client’s home.

    (picture by me)


    2It all started with this existing gothic element we used as the upper part of the bookcase.

    (picture by me)

    3 This is the new gothic paneling of the lower part of the bookcase.

    (picture by me)

    4 I can’t find a before picture of the existing element anymore, but you should notice that the wood was mostly uncolored. Our client wanted to have a ‘tobacco’ finish of the wood.

    The bookcase now is ready to be filled with books!

    (picture by me)

    I do love working with antique elements and thinking about a way to integrate them in an interior design project.

    As this French walnut 18th century double door I bought in France some years ago. I couldn’t resist its beauty!

    7 The door is awaiting its final destination into a client’s home, or maybe brought in at my own home one day!

    Can you imagine this door used in a design project as in these French styled paneled rooms :

    (picture by me)

    9image source : The Neo Lifestyle

    13image source :

    11image source : Gypsy Purple

    12source : unknown

    10source : unknown



    Isn’t the detailling of the hand woodcarving stunning?

    image source : Lefèvre Interiors

    8 One of our craftsmen at work.

    image source : Lefèvre Interiors



    Whether you like these shown antique elements or not, it is all about the craftmanship, don’t you agree?!




     To the anonymous winner of my Beta-Plus book give away : please send me your name and address!!! If  I have not received it by Friday, March,4th, I will choose another winner.

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Remodeled House in Alabama

    Good Monday morning to you, dear readers! Sorry about not posting on Saturday and Sunday. We're about to move to Peru and I've been busy packing and weighing the things we are going to take, and selling the ones we can't. I'm glad and sorry to say I've sold every single piece of my lovely furniture. A pity I can't take everything with me.

    Anyway, back to blogland now.

    This 1915 Federal-style house in the historic Garden District of Montgomery, Alabama was bought and remodeled by Richard Norris and Mark Leslie. They transformed it from formal and rather stuffy into warm and inviting, with an overall masculine style and full of whimsical details.

    The Federal-style facade, high on three-quarters of an acre in Montgomery's historic Garden District.

    To one side of the foyer, a section of 19th-century Gothic wall paneling and a headless statue of St. Denis.

    On the other side of the foyer, moose antlers, a Gothic crystal chandelier, and a rustic 19th-century French grandfather clock.

    A chocolate velvet curtain adds drama to the stairs. The wrought-iron jardiniere is from the south of France. "It's such a strange, dark piece," Norris says. "We call it Rosemary's Baby's crib."

    In the lounge, a small library with a Landau Devan Sofa and an antique ottoman. Like the foyer, walls and woodwork are painted Martin-Senour's Sealskin.

    Upholstered pieces with high, dramatic backs were designed by Bobby McAlpine. Painted screens by artist David Braly have a kind of Gothic-Midwestern motif, including arches and acanthus leaves in a field of abstract cornstalks. Across the bottom the screens read: 'The corn is as high as an elephant's eye and it looks like it's climbing clear up to the sky' — lyrics from the musical Oklahoma! but in Latin. The mirror hanging on the screen is 18th-century French.

    The dining area is in the same huge room as the living area.

    Over the FiveStar stove is a silver-leaf Napoleon III mirror. The chandelier was fashioned from a pair of antique bronze sconces.

    The sink resembling a buffet, has a marble backsplash and bat prints around it. The oval island is a nine-foot-long sheet of marble.

    The kitchen's light-filled bay window opens onto a patio and garden.

    Richard Norris designed the cottage-size parterre, reminiscent of gardens he had visited in Europe.

    Behind the piano is an old sounding board which was originally behind the pulpit in an Episcopal church — it was the baffle that helped bounce the minister's voice toward the congregation

    The 1850s Italian marble mantelpiece in the living room came from a Montgomery house torn down in the 1970s to make way for an interstate. Above it is a 20th-century interpretation of Leonardo's St. John the Baptist, in watercolor and pencil on butcher-block paper.

    A small bedroom was converted into a dressing room. Two rustic armoires make up for the lack of closet space.

    In the bedroom's sitting area, an Eames table and vintage butterfly chairs mix with a rattan sofa, a Pottery Barn rug, and a demilune console designed by Norris.

    The walls in the master bedroom are Martin-Senour's Silver Green. The six feet tall headboard is an 18th-century stall divider from a horse barn.

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Bathroom decorations

    Back in business, eller det kanske var lite överdrivet, men jag är på plats igen efter en veckas skidåkning i Österrike. Puh, är helt slut, otroligt vad det tar i benen och all den friska luften därtill. Läste i tidningen i morse att det är musarmens dag i dag (?!), så passande då att jag nu sitter här vid datorn igen och bloggar. Hittade lite fina bilder hos danska Rum med dekorationer i badrummet. Ska vara ärlig och säga att jag alltid varit lite skeptiskt till just för mycket vardagsrumskänsla i badrummet... men det här var ändå fint.

    I'm back again from one weeks skiing in Austria. (Did anyone notice I was gone?). Skiing is really hard work if youre out of condition as I am. My legs oh... the whole thing felt like a training camp with 'sauer kraut' for lunch. And all that fresh air. But it was fun. Anyway here I am again with some inspiration for bathrooms decoration.

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