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Casbah Moderna

    Casbah Moderna är den stil som tilltalar mig mest för att jag gillar det naturliga med sten, puts, trä, järn, korg och metaller. Den här stilen har inget gullegull utan går mer åt det kulturella hållet. Jordnära färger som grått, beige, svart och vitt. Hemma har jag fuchsia, rött och lite orange som accentfärger. Jag tycker om de skulpturala inslagen och är en sucker för kuddar på golvet och puffar av alla de slag. Låga stora långa soffor är också en favorit. Däremot har jag inte tidigare haft några maroccanska inslag utan mer dragit åt det asiatiska hållet. Men vem vet... Så här såg Vincent Grégoires bilder ut för Casbah Moderna. Har fått hjälp av Anna Inreder för att friska upp minnet, du hittar också mer om trendanalysen på hennes blogg.

    Casbah Moderna was the style that I liked most. I like the natural materials like stone, wood, iron, wicker and metal. This style is cultural with earth to ground colours like beige, grey, black and white. With a lot of red and purple colours. I have red, fuchsia and orange as accents in my home already. I also like the sculptural elements and love cushions on the floor and all kind of poufs. The big long sofas is great. I usually have been drawn more to the asian style than this oriental but who knows this is a new trend for 2012 and 2013. These are Grégoires images that describe the style.

    Foto - 1-2 Anna avfotograferat från föreläsningen, okänd ursprungsfotograf, 3-4 Mark Eden Schooley (via Lotta Agaton), 5 röda skålar från Rina Menardi, 6 trådskålar från Marie Christophe.
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Lefèvre Interiors projects we are working at

    Some of my readers asked me when I would be able to post about some new projects of Lefèvre Interiors. Well, the past months, Jan and me were so busy preparing and installing a lof of our projects! The whole process of a design project, from the start to the finishing touch (furnishings, window treatment and decoration included) takes a few months, sometimes even a year!

    We are only a small company, where the execution of cabinetry and paneling requires a lot of handicraft and craftsmanship.

    Taking all the required measurements and preparing the design renderings and technical plans is a very important phase of the process.

    If the plans are approved by our clients, the woodwork has to be constructed by the employees in our workshop.

    I thought you might be interested in these projects. So today I show you pictures of some of the projects we were working at the passed months, and which are already installed at our client’s home, but not finished yet.

    Painting and docoration has to be finished in the next weeks or months.

    But maybe now you will understand how busy I am sometimes and therefore not having plenty of time left to blog!

    At this project here, we were asked to design a living room with adjoining kitchen.

    14Oak paneling.

    19 Before.

    Scannen0067 My very first sketch.


    Construction in our workshop.


    16 Integrated double door to the entry hall.

    18 Before.

    15 Radiator covering and window shutters.

    Scannen0068First sketch.

    25 Before.

    17 Built-in cabinetry.

    Scannen0069First sketch.

    8 Double glazed door towards the kitchen.

    29 Before.

    11 Kitchen.

    10 Double glazed door towards the living room.

    9An almost finished kitchen isle of which the counter top will be made of the Belgian marble “rouge belge”.

    Scannen0072Jan’s technical plan of the kitchen isle.

    20 Before.

    12This kitchen cabinet is fantstic! I just love this. Do you notice the open parts to store the cutlery?

    30 Before.


    The second project is the redo of a bedroom.

    3 All of the woodwork in this room has to be painted.

    6 Before.

    4 Built-in cabinets as a French “placard”.

    5This is the bedhead wall.


    A third project is about a redo of a library room.


    This cabinetry and paneling is also made of oak but with a totally different finish than the oak at the first project I showed you.

    This library need to be furnished and decorated now.


    This is also a redo project of a library room.

    2 For this project we used French walnut for the cabinetry.

    I will show you more pictures of the room when the window treatment is finished.


    And finally, the remake of an existing front door!!!

    This is a rather unusual project but the owners of this house couldn’t find no one who was prepared to make this door with the exact profiles and proportions of the 19th century authentic door.

    Jan and me decided to go for it and the owners are now very pleased with it.


    The new front door. (So sorry I didn’t have a better picture of it.)

    Unfortunately we had to change the design of the letter boxes, because the original ones are not conform anymore to the new legislation about the required measurements of mailboxes.


    The old damaged door.



    I will asap post pictures of the finishing part of these interiors, furniture, window treatment and decoration items included!



    All pictures by me.

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Photographer Robin Stubbert

    Good Monday morning to all of you dear readers!

    Back in April 2010 I featured the work of oh so talented photographer Robin Stubbert. I'm not quite sure what happened but after some time the pics looked fuzzy so I have deleted that post and am making a new one with the same photographs and some new ones she has added to her site as well.
    Robin specializes in interiors, still life, gardens and lifestyle, and books and magazines.
    Come enjoy with me!
























    More beautiful photographs in Robin's portfolio right here.Source URL:
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